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I'm Adrianna Hopkins, an award-winning anchor, journalism professor, and public speaker.Over the last 20 years, I've spent thousands of hours interviewing and being interviewed.And in this free course, I'm spilling the "industry secrets" you can use right now to ace every media appearance. Over the next five days, you'll learn to:

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Day 1: Why “I'm Ready” Doesn't Cut It (and why you need to be "MEDIA READY" for the big day)Day 2: Break Up with the Mirror! (do this instead to practice like the pros)Day 3: Leave the TED Talk at the Door (and how overprepping is prepping to fail)Day 4: Find Your "North Star" (why doing so makes you ironclad, and makes every interview 10x easier)Day 5: The Proven Method to Nuke Your Nerves (...by solving what makes you so anxious in the first place)

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